MySQL InnoDB Cluster – howto install it from scratch

MySQL InnoDB Cluster is evolving very nicely. I realized that the MySQL Shell also improved a lot and that it has never been so easy to setup a cluster on 3 new nodes.

This is a video of the updated procedure on how to install MySQL InnoDB Cluster on GNU Linux rpm based (Oracle Linux, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, …)

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  1. This was very good presentation. I learnt a lot. I am wondering what was the right side screen that says ‘MySQL InnoDb Cluster….Demo Kit’?

    • This was just a demo app to illustrate the cluster.
      I made a GTK app in Python, a colleague made one in Java and I’ve one in PHP too. But I never maintained them. Just used them for some demo.
      I plan to rewrite all this to be used for all our solutions: MySQL InnoDB Cluster, MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet and MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet.
      Thank you for watching the video.

  2. Thank you very much.
    That (the demo) would be a powerful tool. It is nice to see the changes graphically.

    I watched this nice video couple of times and tried to install MySQL packages using yum install mysql*. It looks like it for me is not installing all the needed components. It is just installed MySQL Server, and Shell. I do not see Router and InnoDb Cluster. Probably I am not pointing to right repository. May I ask, what repository should I point to, to get MySQL 8.x components needed for InnoDb cluster?


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