MySQL Day – Sessions review #5

On February 3rd, just before Fosdem and the MySQL & Friends Devroom, MySQL’s Community Team is organizing the pre-Fosdem MySQL Day.

Today we will review Dag H. Wanvik‘s session. Dag is spending most of his time implementing Windows Functions to MySQL.

Dag H. Wanvik is a senior MySQL developer for Oracle. Before he did Derby/Java DB development for Oracle/Apache Foundation and he is a Derby committer. He last co-authored JSON support for MySQL 5.7. In his previous existence Dag worked on several compilers and HA distributed data base systems.

The title of his session is MySQL 8.0: Window functions – finally!

Dag will share is current work on a much wanted feature to MYSQL: analytic SQL window functions. This presentation will give an introduction and quick overview of the feature set and example of interesting use cases, and also touch on implementation and optimization issues if time permits.

So as you can see yet another great feature planned for MySQL 8 !

If you want to attend this very special session and discuss with Dag, don’t forget to register for this main MySQL event. Dag will also attend the MySQL Community Dinner that will happen on Saturday, February 4th just after the FOSDEM’s MySQL & Friends Devroom.

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