MySQL at Oracle Open World and Oracle Code One Oct 22-25 2018 !

This year again, the MySQL Team is eager to participate in the Oracle Open World conference. This is a great opportunity for our engineers and the entire MySQL Team to highlight what we’ve done, and also what we are working on. Another reason to be excited this year is our new participation to Code One, the Oracle developer focused conference. Oracle Code One will include a full track dedicated to MySQL.

This is very good news for everybody attending, from DBAs to developers, as we will offer even more great content ! This year, in both events, we will highlight how NoSQL+SQL=MySQL.

Our MySQL Engineers will deliver fantastic sessions about the new NoSQL capabilities and also about many new features we have released during the year. Many of those features were included in MySQL 8.0 such as MySQL Document Store (NoSQL) and MySQL InnoDB Cluster ! We will also show what’s new for MySQL in the Oracle Cloud with analytics improvements, Store Procedures in different languages using GraalVM, and more !

In addition to our expert sessions, we will offer tutorials and Hands-on-Labs !

Many of the leading companies will be participating in our events to share how they use MySQL, their tips, techniques and their success story.

Here are few examples of what you will learn from these Web-leaders:

  • How to get consistency with MySQL in the Cloud by Facebook
  • How Twitter gave up their own fork to migrate back to our standard MySQL
  • How is using MySQL
  • How GitHub is handling schema changes
  • How Slack is sharding MySQL using Vitess
  • How Square is using JSON and MySQL, and the lessons they learned
  • How Square scales MySQL
  • How Square-Enix from Japan deals with there scaling challenges and plan to migrate to 8.0
  • How Uber manages and changes its datastream
  • How Alibaba is using MySQL with Raft
  • … and much more !

Don’t miss these big events ! (registration is required for both conferences)

  • Oracle Open World catalog for MySQL is here
  • Oracle Code One catalog for MySQL is here

See you there !

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