MySQL 8.0.20: Thanks for the Contributions

As you know, today, MySQL 8.0.20 has been released. I started this new thread category with 8.0.19 (see this post).

A late thanks to Guoji Ma, for a contribution to bug #95801 “show create table output can’t be executed” that was used as inspiration for the actual fix that was pushed in MySQL 8.0.18.

MySQL 8.0.20, includes contributions from Daniel Black, Cai Yibo, Jericho Rivera, Matti Sillanpää, Nick Pollett, Bruce Feng, Kamil Holubicky, Facebook.

Thank you all for your great contributions. MySQL is an Open Source project, GPL, and we accept contribution of course. Sometimes it’s also good to remind it 😉

Here is the list of the contributions above:

  • Impossible WHERE for a!=a, a<a, a>a. See #93642. Contribution from Daniel Black.
  • rwlock: refine lock->recursive with C11 atomics. See #97150. Contribution from Cai Yibo.
  • Handler fails to trigger on Error 1049 or SQLSTATE 42000 or plain sqlexception. See #97682. Contribution from Jericho Rivera.
  • Expose elapsed time for query interceptor to avoid hacky thread local implementations. See #97714. Contribution from Matti Sillanpää.
  • Allow \’3.\’ formatted numbers. See #97724. Contribution from Nick Pollett.
  • fix CMySQLCursor.fetchmany. See #97830. Contribution from Bruce Feng.
  • Assertion in See #98258. Contribution from Kamil Holubicki.
  • Update perfschema.idx_compare_replication_applier. See #98389. Contribution from Facebook.

As you may know, MySQL 8.0.20 also brings a long time requested feature, for which we had received several feature requests and contributions in the past: Binlog Compression.

Inspired by the use case scenarios mentioned in some contributions from Quanan Han, Tencent Games (#95738 and #95739), Davi Arnaut (#80770) and Facebook (#90785) but also by regular feature requests (#46435, #48396, …), our design and implementation differ from those contributions. For example, we compress transactions not only specific events, those transactions are kept compressed in relay logs, we added instrumentation in Performance_Schema and more that you can discover in WL#3549.

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repository (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Thank you again for the contributions.

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