MySQL 8.0.19: Thanks for the Contributions

Of course MySQL 8.0.19 that was released on 13th January 2020 also includes Community Contributions. But before talking about them, I would like to thanks Jesper for having started this MySQL Releases Contributions thread. I’ll try to keep his good work on that topic from now.

So, MySQL 8.0.19 includes contributions from Facebook, Satya Bodapati, Nikolai Kostrigin and Olekasandr Peresypkin.

Please note that this list might not be exhaustive as it’s currently a manual process for me to link the contributions with the current release. I will try to improve this in the future.

Here are those contributions:

  • Innodb_system_rows_read, Innodb_system_rows_inserted, Innodb_system_rows_deleted status variables were added for counting row operations on InnoDB tables that belong to system-created schemas (see bug #68220). Contribution by Facebook.
  • Duplicate key error information was extended to include the table name of the key. (see bug #92530 and WL#12589 fixing bug #47207). Contribution by Facebook.
  • Fixing Clone failure on upgrade from 5.7 (see bug #96637 and bug #97784). Contribution from Satya Bodapati (Percona)
  • Corrected a typo in a mysys/my_handler_errors.h error message (see bug #97361). Contribution from Nikolai Kostrigin.
  • Enhance group-by loose index scan (see bug #90951 and WL#13066). Contribution by Facebook.
  • Fixing the issue when a function such as COALESCE() or IFNULL() was passed a BIGINT column value, casting a negative return value from this function to UNSIGNED unexpectedly yielded zero (see bug #95954). Contribution from Olekasandr Peresypkin.
  • And also a MySQL Shell contribution ! It was not possible to build mysql-shell package in Debian when DEB_DEPS or DEB_BUILD_DEPS were not set (see bug #95158). Contribution from Evgeniy Patlan (Percona).

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repository (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Thank you for the contributions.

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