MySQL 5.6 EOL is February 2021 !!


MySQL 8.0 has been so far the release with the fastest rate of adoption ! Great !!

But some people are still very conservative and I understand that too. However it’s time to upgrade if you are still running MySQL 5.6.

Indeed, MySQL 5.6.10, first GA version of 5.6, was released 7 years ago already, the 5th February 2013 !!

You have one year to prepare your migration. To help you in this task, these are some links to webinars we made:

You might also find useful information in some previous articles I wrote:

And finally, I’ve plenty of presentations on MySQL 8.0 on my slideshare account.

MySQL 8 is Great, it’s time to upgrade !

Art Credit: rip by monkik from the Noun Project

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