Deploy MySQL InnoDB Cluster in OCI with Terraform

As you know, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (aka OCI) becomes more and more popular. You can find OCI data centers almost everywhere and the price is very attractive.

Something very interesting is the possibility to have different availability domains but also different fault-domains in the same availability one !

Oracle provides a lot of modules to deploy your architecture on OCI using Terraform. Those are called oracle-quickstart repos. You can find them on Github.

There is an official Reference Architecture for MySQL InnoDB Cluster in OCI that I encourage you to read before deploying your MySQL HA solution in OCI.

My module example is a bit different as I use a dedicate machine (bastion) to orchestrate the Cluster. It also contains MySQL Router as a separate module that you can deploy where you want.

Proposed Architecture

Above you can see the default architecture: 1 Availability Domain (AD) and 3 Fault Domains (FT).

Let’s see the deployment in action:


As you can see, it’s very easy to deploy a Full Automated High Availability solution in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This ease of deployment was made possible by MySQL 8.0. It’s time to upgrade to MySQL 8.0 and it’s time to move to the Cloud too !

Currently my oci-mysql module for oracle-quickstart is part of a PR. Reach me out if you plan to test it before it gets reviewed and merged.

Click on the link if you want to try Oracle Cloud for Free.

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