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How to copy a MySQL user to OCI MDS ?

When you migrate to MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (MDS on OCI), the easiest, fastest and recommended way it to use MySQL Dump & Load Utility. For more information check these different links: https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-1-demo/ https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-2-benchmarks/ https://mysqlserverteam.com/mysql-shell-dump-load-part-3-load-dump/ https://docs.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/mysql-database/doc/importing-and-exporting-databases.html http://dasini.net/blog/2020/12/17/mysql-shell-the-new-era/ https://blogs.oracle.com/mysql/migrate-from-on-premise-mysql-to-mysql-database-service MySQL Shell performs all the checks required also for copying users to MDS when using util.dumpInstance()method. This is the … Read More

MySQL: Check who’s trying to access data they should not

To illustrate how easy it’s to see who’s trying to access data they have not been granted for, we will first create a schema with two tables: mysql> create database mydata; mysql> use mydata mysql> create table table1 (id int auto_increment primary key, name varchar(20), something varchar(20)); mysql> create table table2 (id int auto_increment primary key, name varchar(20), something varchar(20)); … Read More

Some queries related to MySQL Roles

MySQL Roles are becoming more and more popular. Therefor, we receive more and more questions related to them. First I encourage you to read this previous 2 posts: MySQL 8.0 Roles and GraphML MySQL 8.0: Listing Roles In this post, I will share you some queries I find useful when using MySQL Roles. Listing the Roles The first query allows … Read More

MySQL 8.0: Listing Roles

As you may already know, MySQL 8.0 is coming with SQL Roles . I’ve already quoted them before in some posts (here and here). Giuseppe Maxia is doing a great job testing and promoting them (thank you for that!). Of course he also made some remarks on things he would have done differently. The main point is about making the … Read More

MySQL 8.0 Roles and Graphml

You may already know that MySQL 8.0 is coming with a nice requested feature : ROLES A role is a named collection of privileges. When you watch some slidedeck about MySQL 8.0 and ROLES, some times you can see a graph illustrating the ROLES and their eventual hierarchy. From the documentation, it seems those graphs are made using the ROLES_GRAPHML() … Read More