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Deploy WordPress on OCI using MDS – updated version

This blog post was first published on FoggyKitchen.com. Hello fine gourmets, for my first dish in the FoggyKitchen.com, I decide to present you how to deploy WordPress on OCI using MySQL Database Service aka MDS. I wrote some Terraform recipes that you can find on my GitHub repository: oci-wordpress-mds. In this first post, I will show how easy it’s to … Read More

MySQL Invisible Column: part III

We recently saw how the new Invisible Column feature works in MySQL since 8.0.23 and how we can use it as a Primary Key for InnoDB tables when no Primary Key was defined. As I wrote earlier, a good Primary Key is important for InnoDB (storage, IOPS, secondary indexes, memory…) but there is another important domain where a Primary Key … Read More

MySQL Invisible Column: part II

This article is the second part of the series related to MySQL Invisible Column started here. This post covers why Invisible Column is important for InnoDB Storage Engine. To start, let me explain briefly how InnoDB deals with Primary Key and why an good primary key is important. And finally, why having a Primary Key is also important. How does … Read More

MySQL Invisible Column – part I

With the new MySQL 8.0.23, something very interesting has been released: Invisible Column. This is the first post dedicated to this new feature, I expect to write a series of 3. This one is the introduction.

MySQL 8.0.23: thank you for the contributions

The expected version 8.0.23 of MySQL has been released yesterday \o/ For new features and resolved bugs, I recommend Geir‘s traditional blog post announcing the release. Of course, as usual, this release contains contributions from our great Community and let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the MySQL Team. MySQL 8.0.23 includes contributions from Daniel Black, Vilnis Termanis, … Read More