Thomas Vander Stichele made my day


Since a while, everyday at 8pm, my N900 was complaining because it wasn’t able to sync one of my calendar (my corporate google calendar). I never really paid attention… but yesterday I decided to fix this.

The calendar sync is done using erminig-ng.

My first action was to save the backtrace and have a look at it… I could understand that a integer was provided where the code was expecting a string.

So before fixing this, I decided to get the last source code… mmm… and then the github reposirory of thomasvs made my day ! Indeed this guy already fixed the problem and explains that on his blog. He also provides a package to update erminig-ng on the phone 🙂

Thank you Thomas to not letting me reinventing the wheel !

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4 thoughts on “Thomas Vander Stichele made my day

  1. Cool! I have the exact same problem and was also in ‘ignore-mode’ 🙂 Although once i searched for a solution on the maemo forums and found indeed that it was an integer problem. At that time there was not yet a fix for it. Thx for posting this! I will give it a try this evening!

  2. Great information here. Thanks for the post. I have been trying for the past days to get this to sync but whenever I tried, I get the error you mentioned above. – Jeffrey Nimer

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