pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day 2018: the schedule

Happy New Year everybody !

All your wishes should come true with 2018.0 !

As announced previously in this post, this year we will have the second edition of the MySQL Day just before FOSDEM.

All speakers confirmed their talk and I’ve the pleasure to share the announce the schedule !

Start End Event Speaker Company Topic

Friday 2nd February

09:30 10:00 MySQL Community Team Welcome
10:00 10:40 Why we are excited about MySQL 8 Peter Zaitsev Percona MySQL 8.0
10:40 11:10 MySQL Document Store – where NoSQL and SQL meet Frédéric Descamps Oracle MySQL 8.0 & DS
11:10 11:25 Coffee Break
11:25 12:05 MySQL 8.0 : Performance & Scalability Dimitri Kravtchuk Oracle MySQL 8.0
12:05 12:40 Lightweight fibre-like framework for Storage Engine Mateusz Rukowicz Oracle  Internals
12:40 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 14:15 MySQL at Facebook Yoshinori Matsunobu Facebook User Story
14:15 14:45 Observing and Operating MySQL Group Replication Luís Soares Oracle Replication
14:45 15:25 New Data Dictionary & Storage Engines Dmitry Lenev  Oracle  MySQL 8.0
15:25 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 16:20 The Datacharmer’s surprise talk Giuseppe Maxia VMWare ???
16:20 16:55 Parallel Replication in MySQL 5.7 and 8.0 by JF Gagné & E Ortega  Replication
16:55 17:25 Vastly Improved Replication Parallelization With Transaction Write Sets  Vitor Oliveira Oracle  Replication
17:25 18:00 ProxySQL’s surprise talk 😉 René Cannaò ProxySQL ProxySQL

As you can see, MySQL 8.0 and Replication will be targeted during this day, but not only ! We will have 2 surprise talks by two major MySQL Community members  ! Don’t miss them !

Places are limited and therefor, registration is mandatory (please register only if you can come). Registration is open until January 26th.

Just after the famous and popular MySQL Community dinner will take place at the same location !

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