MySQL Team’s submissions for Percona Live Amsterdam

Two weeks after the big annual event in San Francisco, Oracle Open World 2016 , September 18-22, there will be another MySQL focused event in Europe: Percona Live Amsterdam, October 3-5.

The MySQL Engineering Team and Community Team will be present. We have submitted a list of very interesting talks, mostly related to the upcoming new major release of MySQL.

In an effort to involve the larger community in the talks selections, PLAM’s organization implemented a community voting process for the previous edition. If this will be again the case and if you are interested by our sessions, don’t hesitate to vote, if the vote is available, for the sessions you would like to see or just tweet about them using #perconalive

Here is the list of the talks we submitted:

As you can see, we tried to cover all the main topics and focusing on our new key features like the new support for CTEs, the new data dictionary, Group Replication, using MySQL as a document store with the X Protocol and many other improvements for the future MySQL 8.0 !

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  1. Fred,

    Will be there a Release Candidate for the Group Replication before events
    so we can test it before talks?

    • Hi Vadim,

      Sorry for the late reply but I’m spending some vacation time away from computer 😉

      The plan is indeed to provide a new GR lab release very soon.

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