MySQL Router 8.0.22 enables REST API at bootstrap

Since 8.0.17, MySQL Router allows you to performs API call to retrieve statistics to monitor it.

I covered that feature in these previous posts:

With MySQL 8.0.22, the bootstrap process now configures REST API functionality into the generated mysqlrouter.conf configuration file.

During that bootstrap, the default authentication is set to use information from the meta data available on the MySQL server (available since 8.0.20).

Of course by default, no user are created and this needs to be done manually.

Therefor, I updated the router plugin for MySQL Shell to provide the possibility to create such user using the credentials used to connect to the server.

This is how you can use it:

And when you have the user created, you can use it to create your cluster object to use in Shell:

The plugin is available on GitHub:

Those plugins are documented in the repo’s wiki too.

MySQL Shell ? The best MySQL DBA tool !

Update !

Now the user doesn’t need to be also a MySQL user. A dedicated MySQL Router REST API user is created:

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