MySQL at DOAG 2023 – recap

Last week, from November 21 to 24, the DOAG Conference took place in Nuremberg, Germany.

The MySQL Team was present at the Oracle booth. I attended the conference Thursday and Friday.

There were 20 sessions tagged “MySQL” and one full day workshop dedicated to students. I delivered the first part of the workshop dedicated to MySQL for Developers, DBAs and Ops. My colleague Carsten who attended the full week, delivered the second part of the workshop dedicated to the MySQL offer in OCI: MySQL HeatWave and LakeHouse.

The first day was a special “theme” day about Open Source Databases and other topics. Colin Charles talked about MySQL Security, Raphael Salguero presented the differences between Oracle Database, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

There were also presentations about MySQL Clustering and HA from Matthias Jung and future directions of MySQL by Mughees Minhas.

According to Carsten, the MySQL Innovation Release (8.2) and the plans for MySQL LTS sparked a lot of discussions, not just during the presentations but also during the breaks.

The focus of the second DOAG day was only partially on OpenSource, but the questions and discussions continued into the morning at the Oracle booth.

The tutorial attracted many participants who were attentive and receptive throughout the day. They were able to discover the specifics of MySQL such as MySQL Document Store, and the different architectures that are very easy to deploy using MySQL Shell: MySQL InnoDB Cluster, ClusterSet, and Read Replicas.

They were also able to deploy a MySQL HeatWave instance in OCI and experience first-hand the power of HeatWave Cluster (Accelerator) to dramatically improve the slowest queries.

I also attended Carsten’s presentation on the Future of MySQL & MySQL Heatwave where he highlighted the future additions to MySQL HeatWave and Lakehouse but also the support of new MySQL store procedures written in Javascript with GraalVM and future development around AI.

As usual, the discussions around our booth and in the hallways were very interesting, and I talked to some clients who are in the process of migrating to MySQL HeatWave on OCI and are eager to use our query acceleration solution for their problematic OLAP workload due to the amount of data in their current MySQL environment.

This type of discussions is very interesting, and the feedback is very constructive. It also emerges that many users really appreciate MySQL Shell !

During the event I also had the chance to finally meet in real life Mathias Jung, Oracle ACE for MySQL.

This was a great event to meet the Oracle & MySQL Community, customers and also share our message with students and users not always aware of all the potential of MySQL.

Many thanks to all our MySQL customers who came and see you next year for another great DOAG.

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