MySQL 8.2.0 is out ! Thank you for the contributions !!

The latest release of MySQL (October 25th, 2023) is the second Innovation Release of the most popular Open Source database.

This new evolution release brings us ever closer to the very first MySQL LTS Release!

This new Innovation Release already contains contributions from our great Community. MySQL 8.2.0 contains patches from Meta, Nikolai Kostrigin, Meng-Hsiu Chiang (Amazon), Richard Dang, Shaohua Wang, Hao Lu, Wen He (Tencent), Yin Peng (Tencent) and Daniël van Eeden.

Let’s have a look at all these contributions:

Server Compiling

  • #111549 – Made additional improvements to WITH_ZLIB functionality – Nikolai Kostrigin
  • #111467 – Building with WITH_ZLIB=”system” would break the MySQL build as it failed to find ZLIB – Meng-Hsiu Chiang (Amazon)


  • For mysqldump: added an –ignore-views option to skip table views in the generated dump file – Meta
  • For mysqldump: added –init-command and –init-command-add options to allow executing SQL statements after connecting or reconnecting to the MySQL server – Meta
  • For mysql: added an –init-command-add option that adds an additional SQL statement to execute after connecting or reconnecting to the MySQL server. It’s similar to the –init-command option – Meta


  • If a MySQL table in a system schema had an INSTANT ADD column that was added before 8.0.29 (they are not allowed as of that version), and after MySQL was upgraded to a version greater than 8.0.29, DMLs on these tables would result in the server unexpectedly closing – Richard Dang
  • Fixed processing of single character tokens by a FTS parser plugin – Shaohua Wang


  • #109595 – records_in_range performed an excessive number of disk reads for insert operations – Meta
  • #111564 – EXPLAIN FORMAT=TREE lost the subquery in a hash join – Wen He (Tencent)
  • A previous fix in MySQL 8.0.30 for a stored program that was not executed correctly following the first invocation did not cover the case where it contained a SET statement – Hao Lu


  • #110569 – Clone plugin sometimes failed, errno 22, Clone_Snapshot::extend_and_flush_files() always created files of type OS_CLONE_DATA_FILE. This function uses flush_redo() to handle redo log files, which must be of type OS_CLONE_LOG_FILE, which could sometimes lead to errors in os_file_set_size() – Yin Peng (Tencent)


  • #111200 – Contribution: Replace MySQL Internals Manual links – Daniël van Eeden

We can see that after the first innovation release, the number of contributions processed by the development team rises again.

If you have patches and you also want to be part of the MySQL Contributors, it’s easy, you can send Pull Requests from MySQL’s GitHub repositories or send your patches on Bugs MySQL (signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is required).

Thanks again to all our contributors !

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