MySQL 8.0.33: thank you for the contributions

The latest MySQL release has been published on April 18th, 2023 (my eldest daughter’s birthday).This new version of MySQL brings a new service that I’m excited to play with: Performance Schema Server Telemetry Traces Service. MySQL 8.0.33 contains bug fixes and contributions from our great MySQL community.

I would like to thank all contributors on behalf of the entire Oracle MySQL team !

MySQL 8.0.33 contains patches from Mikael Ronström, Evgeniy Patlan, Dmitry Lenev, HC Duan, Marcelo Altmann, Facebook, Nico Pay, Dan McCombs, Yewei Xu, Niklas Keller, Mayank Mohindra and Alex Xing.

Let’s have a look at all these contributions:

MySQL NDB Cluster

  • #103814 – ClusterJ partition key scratch buffer size too small – Mikael Ronström

MySQL Server – DML

  • #105092 – AUTO_INCREMENT can be set to less than MAX + 1 and not forced to MAX + 1 – Dmitry Lenev (Percona)

MySQL Server: Compiling

  • #110216 – failed to compile in static mode – Alex Xing


  • #108364 – Fix sha256_password_auth_client_nonblocking – Facebook

Security: Privileges

  • #109576 – Fix scramble algorithm docs – Niklas Keller


  • #109979 (security) – Dmitry Lenev (Percona)


  • #107366 – Invalid JSON value, Error_code: 3903 – HC Duan (Tencent)
  • #109154 – Fix incorrect suggested commands to start replica in error logs – Dan McCombs
  • #109485 – Previous_gtids miss gtid when binlog_order_commits off – Yewei Xu (Tencent)


  • #107854 (security) – Marcelo Altmann (Percona)
  • #109873 – no need to maintain err in buf_page_init_for_read – Alex Xing

MySQL Shell

  • #108861 – Fix typo in dba.upgradeMetadata() error message – Nico Pay
  • #109909 – Add antlr4 runtime to INSTALL doc – Evgeniy Patlan

MySQL Operator for K8s

  • #109746 – Add option to disable lookups for mysql-operator – Mayank Mohindra

If you have patches and you also want to be part of the MySQL Contributors, it’s easy, you can send Pull Requests from MySQL’s GitHub repositories or send your patches on Bugs MySQL (signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is required).

Thanks again to all our contributors !

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