MySQL 8.0.31: thank you for the contributions

Once again, the latest version of MySQL 8.0 includes several contributions from the MySQL Community.

MySQL 8.0.31 was released on October 11th 2022.

I would like to thank all contributors on behalf of the entire Oracle MySQL team !

This new release contains patches from Facebook/Meta, Dennis Gao, Lou Shuai, Caza Zhang, Zhang Simon from Tencent, Dimitry Kudryavtsev, Rahul Malik from Percona, Alex Xing, Marcelo Altmann from Percona, Matthew Steeples, Adam Croot, Luis Pinto and Evgeniy Patlan from Percona for all his patches on MySQL Shell.

Here is the list of the above contributions and related bugs:


  • #101056 – Ack_receiver may lost the slave semi-sync ack due to net timeout – Dennis Gao (fixed based on 8.0.30)
  • #104491 – Fix race between binlog sender heartbeat timeout – Facebook

Group Replication

  • #107635 – event scheduler cause error on group replication – Lou Shuai


  • #104040 – update histogram with json data – Caza Zhang

Server DDL

  • #105903 – data is incorrect after instant add column – Zhang Simon from Tencent
  • #107633 – fixing a type-o, should be \”truncate\” – Dimitry Kudryavtsev


  • #106616 – failure occurred while upgrading a MySQL instance with a MySQL 5.6 data directory containing user-created table with a particular table ID to 8.0 – Rahul Malik from Percona
  • #106952 – it is better to clear upd_t in trx_undo_prev_version_build – Alex Xing
  • #107613 – Assertion failure: – Marcelo Altmann from Percona (based on 8.0.30)



  • #108091 – Add PackageLicenseExpression so that NuGet can display it – Matthew Steeples
  • #108290 Fix malformed URL – Adam Croot


  • #108355 – Fix windows compilation issue in cmake/libutils/save_linker_o – Luis Pinto

MySQL Shell

  • #107412 – Fix requested python version – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona
  • #107415 – Fix incorrect lin in doc – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona
  • #107411 – Improve wording in postrm actions – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona
  • #107413 – Add libssh to requirements – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona
  • #107416 – Fix path in doc – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona
  • #107414 – Fix cmake version needed for build – Evgeniy Patlan from Percona

As usual, those contributions cover many different sections of MySQL. We can notice that we start receiving more MySQL Shell contributions.

If you have patches and you also want to be part of the MySQL Contributors, it’s easy, you can send Pull Requests from MySQL’s GitHub repositories or send your patches on Bugs MySQL (signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is required).

And don’t forget, that if you want to extend MySQL, the best way is to create a component. Now there is a complete series to learn how to start using the MySQL Component Infrastructure (part 1) !

Thank you again to all our contributors !

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