MySQL 8.0.29: thank you for the contributions

When it’s time for a new MySQL release, it’s also time to thank our contributors !

Released on April 26th, MySQL 8.0.29 contains several contributions from our awesome Community and on behalf of the entire MySQL Team, I would like to thank you all !

This new releases contains patches from Vilnis Termanis, Luke Weber, Meik Milevczik, Song Zhibai, Zheng Lai, Øystein Grøvlen, Facebook, Biran Yue, Hope Lee, Rahul Malik, Christopher Chavez, Chen Yi, Ning PeiPei, Jianjian Song, Jack Wotherspon and Bin Wang.

Once again, thank you all for your great contributions and to the company you are working for.

Here is the list of the above contributions and related bugs:

Clients / Connectors

  • #81519 Connector/Python: Guarantee file closing of input files in optionfiles module – Vilnis Termanis
  • #81571 Connector/Python: Add support for Decimal parsing in – Luke Weber
  • #93065 Connector/Python: Return raw bytes or bytearray if decoding fails – Meik Milevczik
  • #106494 Connector/Python: update README broken link – Jack Wotherspon
  • #106065 Connector/J: BigDecimal.toPlainString no need to check decimal exponent – Chen Yi
  • #106171 Connector/J: Remove unnecessary boxing in ResultSetImpl – Ning PeiPei
  • #106397 Connector/J: fix doc: less then – Juanjian Song


  • #97742 – bad item ref from correlated subquery to outer distinct table- Song Zhibai
  • #104186 – Too few chunk files are created for hybrid hash join – Øystein Grøvlen


  • #102733 (private) – Server crash in fil_space_is_being_truncated – Zheng Lai


  • #104446 – Test case fix: Fix main.ssl-big – Facebook


  • #104447 (private) – Fix freed memory access in performance schema tab – Facebook


  • #104593 (private) – MySQL crashes while executing reset slave all – Brian Yue

Server Options

  • #105316 – sql produces different resultsets when different internel storage engines r used – Brian Yue


  • #105380 – result of GROUP_CONCAT is inconsistent when group_concat_max_len becomes larger – Hope Lee


  • #105406 – MySQLbackup component doesn’t have purge interface – Rahul Malik

Server Compilation

  • #105995 – ssl.cmake: Fix spelling in comment – Christopher Chavez
  • #106019 – rpcgen.cmake: always build xdr_sizeof.c on macOS – Christopher Chavez

Server Logging

  • #106590 – Fix spell of log messages in mysql_safe – Bin Wang

As usual, those contributions cover many different sections of MySQL. If you have patches and you also want to be part of the MySQL Contributors, it’s easy, you can send Pull Requests from MySQL’s GitHub repositories or send your patches on Bugs MySQL (signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is required).

And don’t forget, that if you want to extend MySQL, the best way is to create a component. Now there is a complete series to learn how to start using the MySQL Component Infrastructure (part 1) !

Thank you again to all our contributors !

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  1. Interesting to see there are more information about bug fixes in this blog post than in the release notes. Unless I am mistaken, these bug numbers are not un the Release Notes:
    – #104186 – Too few chunk files are created for hybrid hash join – Øystein Grøvlen
    – #102733 (private) – Server crash in fil_space_is_being_truncated – Zheng Lai
    – #104447 (private) – Fix freed memory access in performance schema tab – Facebook
    – #104593 (private) – MySQL crashes while executing reset slave all – Brian Yue

    • When private bugs are fixed by contributions, they are listed with the Oracle internal bug number. Also I’m verifying why 3 bugs (including Øystein’s one) because they ended up in two different versions.

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