MySQL 8.0.24: thank you for the contributions

MySQL 8.0.24 has been released today \o/

As usual, it’s highly advised to read the release notes to get informed about the changes and bug fixed.

MySQL is Open Source and each release contains contributions from our great Community. Let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the entire MySQL Team: Thank you !

MySQL 8.024 includes contributions from Daniël van Eeden, Kaiwang Chen, Zhai Weixiang, Venkatesh Prasad Venugopal, Jingbo Zhao, Yuxiang Jiang, Brian Yue, Hope Lee, Stanislav Revin, Mattias Jonsson, Facebook and a suggestion from Dmitriy Philimonov.

Once again, thank you all for your great contributions.

Here is the list of the above contributions and related bugs:


  • [#96459] Type resolution of DIV operator produces one less precision – Kaiwang Chen
  • [#101256] Regexp_engine::Replace doesn’t reset error code after processing a record – Hope Lee

Clients / Connectors

  • [#98311] Include port number in client error message – Daniël van Eeden
  • [#101592] Re-open the bug #89850 Throwing exception if access to granted for table – Stanislav Revin
  • [#101914] Add support for VERIFY_CA and VERIFY_IDENTITY SslMode’s – Daniël van Eeden
  • [#93240] wait_timeout error not clear and not sent to client before closing connection – Mattias Jonsson

The first part of this contribution was already implemented in 8.0.17, and the second part still based on Mattias’ contribution is now released in 8.0.24.


  • [#100118] Server doesn’t restart because of too many gaps in the mysql.gtid_executed table – Venkatesh Prasad Venugopal
  • [#100966] select count(*) works very slow for uncommitted data – Brian Yue


  • [#102115] Fix replica threads not showing in variables_by_thread – Facebook


Thank you Jingbo Zhao and Yuxiang Jiang for their contributions on security bugs.

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repositories (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Thank you again to all our contributors !

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