MySQL 8.0.23: thank you for the contributions

The expected version 8.0.23 of MySQL has been released yesterday \o/

For new features and resolved bugs, I recommend Geir‘s traditional blog post announcing the release.

Of course, as usual, this release contains contributions from our great Community and let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the MySQL Team.

MySQL 8.0.23 includes contributions from Daniel Black, Vilnis Termanis, Venkatesh Prasad Venugopal, Daniël van Eeden, Cai Yibo, Kamil Holubick, Shaohua Wang, Krunal Bauskar, Tzachi Zidenberg, Cédric Luthi, Brian Yue, Hope Lee and Facebook.

Thank you all for your great contributions. MySQL is an Open Source project, GPL, and we accept contributions !

Here is the list of the above contributions and related bugs:

  • [83044] Innodb: innodb_numa_interleave=1, use numa numa_get_mems_allowed
  • [83479] fix microsecond conversion from MySQL DATETIME to Python datetime
  • [87796] Commit_order_manager can’t terminate MTS worker properly when deadlock happens
  • [90420] Query attributes
  • [92532] Performance schema for Query attributes
  • [93549] Documentation fixes
  • [93641] Link to information about how to decode the bytes received by …
  • [97703] innobase/dict: refine dict_temp_file_num with c++11 atomics
  • [99118] ARM CRC32 intrinsic call to accelerate table-checksum (not crc32c but crc32)
  • [100118] Server doesn’t restart because of too many gaps in the mysql.gtid_executed table
  • [100132] Using optimal memory-barrier (in form of acquire/release) for event-mutex
  • [100664] Aarch64 support
  • [100773] Fix InvalidCastException in MySQLDatabaseCreator.HasTablesAsy …
  • [100966] select count(*) works very slow for uncommitted data
  • [101256] Regexp_engine::Replace doesn’t reset error code after processing a record
  • and some other private bugs….

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repository (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Thank you again to all our contributors !

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