MySQL 8.0.22: thank you for the contributions

Wooohooo MySQL 8.0.22 has been released today !

As usual, this release contains contributions from our great Community and let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the MySQL Team.

MySQL 8.0.22 includes contributions from Denis Yarkovoy, Gord Thomson, Andrey Turbanov, Javier Matos Odut, Kan Liyong, Xiaoyu Wang, Daniël van Eeden, Krunal Bauskar, Eric Beuque and Facebook.

Thank you all for your great contributions. MySQL is an Open Source project, GPL, and we accept contributions !

Here is the list of the contributions above:

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repository (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Some contributions from 5.7.x were also included (see the release note).

Please take a look at all the Contributors for MySQL 8.0:

Thank you again for the contributions and see you for the next release !

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  1. Hi all,
    I need to upgrade a 2-nodes InnoDB Replica Set from 8.0.19 to 8.0.22.
    Please, anybody could give me some hint? Is the same process of upgrading InnoDB Cluster?
    Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything specific about minor upgrades of ReplicaSet.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    • Hi Angelo,

      You should upgrade first the replica, then put it back in the ReplicaSet. Then stop the Primary and promote the updated one as Primary. Then you upgrade to previous primary and you add it back to the replicaSet.


      • Hi lefred, thanks for your hint.
        When you say “upgrade first the replica, then put it back in the ReplicaSet”, do you mean this sequence?
        – ReplicaSet.removeInstance()
        – upgrade the replica
        – ReplicaSet.rejoinInstance()


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