I joined the MySQL Community Team !


As some already noticed it, I’ve recently joined the amazing MySQL family in Oracle.

I’m now part to the awesome MySQL Community Team and I will be mostly present in EMEA.

Why did I make such change ? Oracle offered me the opportunity to work in a domain I really like and I was already trying to represent the MySQL Community as much as I could but mostly in using my own free time (twitter, facebook, FOSDEM, …). Now this is my full time job !

Yes, OK, but why Oracle ? To be honest this answer is very easy to reply. Somebody interested in the MySQL Community for the last few years should be blind to not see the amount of work the MySQL engineering team is doing: many improvements and overall, many new features. I won’t be a lie if I say that Oracle’s MySQL is also the most active in innovating MySQL (JSON data type, X plugin, MySQL shell,… )

For all these reasons, I’m very proud to have made the choice to join this fantastic adventure and I’m already looking forward to meet many Community members, users, developers and share with you all the new features we release, discover  and take in consideration your needs and remarks.


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  1. Cool news! Good luck on the new role. It’s good to do what you love as your “job” 🙂

  2. Come on… I know you did it to get a free pass to the Oracle Arena to see the GS Warriors! 😉

    Good luck, leFriend!

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