Deploy on OCI using Ampere Compute Instances !

Yesterday, Oracle announced a new range of Arm compute instances based on Ampere’s ARM processors

This is a very nice announcement ![1], [2] and something also very cool is that you are eligible for an Always Free instance up to 4 OCPUs, 24GB of RAM and 4Gbps network bandwidth !!

This is the max you can have and you define it during the shape selection:

I have already updated all the Stacks I propose to support Flex Shapes and of course the Ampere ones:

When you select a Flex Shape you will be invited to also fill the OCPUs and Memory you want to deploy:

Enjoy deploying your application on OCI and for the database, no worry, relax and trust MDS !

If you don’t have yet an OCI account and would to receive $300 credits to use with MySQL Database Service:

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