Book Review: MySQL Crash Course

Today, I would like to present this new book from Rick Silva: MySQL Crash Course – A Hands-on Introduction to Database Development, No Starch Press, 2023.

I participated in this project as technical reviewer and I really enjoyed reading the chapters Rick was writing as soon as they were ready… and thank you Rick for the kind words to me in the book 😉

About the book, if you are ready to dive into the world of database management but you don’t know where to start, this book is the perfect guide for beginners eager to learn MySQL quickly and efficiently.

MySQL Crash Course is a concise and practical guide to learn how to use the most popular Open Source Database.

The book is filled with examples, tips, expert advice and exercises.

Reading the book, you will learn the SQL basis, schema design but also new features from MySQL 8.0 like common table expressions, window functions, …

The chapters are well defined and I like their introduction, very clear and the summary at the end of each.

Of course, this book is not intended for operators who are looking for help in managing HA, backups, and performance optimization. It is meant for MySQL users (developers).

If you’re looking to learn MySQL (and specifically 8.0) quickly and efficiently, Rick Silva’s MySQL Crash Course is the perfect resource. With its practical approach, clear examples, and step-by-step guidance, as developer, this book will help you master MySQL !

In closing, I’ll use the quote from my colleague Scott:

“A fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn about MySQL… and an excellent refresher for more seasoned developers.”

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