Moving to Fedora 9


Today I moved to Fedora 9.

First impression :

It seems nice, it’s fast.

The only bad point is the quality of the graphics rendering during the installation, on my Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller, the buttons and the text fields were not complete 🙁

I’m using now swfdec for flash in Firefox and it’s ok with so I’m happy. I find also nice that to enable a flash animation a click on it is needed, I hope it safes some cpu usage 😉

As usually, when I install a new Fedora, I always do a fresh install. I found two nice projects that helped me in my task to recover my login and passwords :

– password exporter (for Firefox) :

– GNOME Keyring XML Import/Export Library (for all my gnome applications using keyring) :

I’ll come back later on my feeling about Fedora 9, let’s use it a bit…

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2 thoughts on “Moving to Fedora 9

  1. hi, i’ve installed F9 on my laptop and i find it working quite nice. Everthing works from the first start, even the right screen resolution is detected.
    I might switch to F9 from Ubuntu Hardy. I found the new Ubuntu release not quite stable.

    1. I agree with you regarding ubuntu. I’ve never seen linux lock up completely and/or reset before. Don’t know quite how they managed that!

      Hardy was my first venture into evaluating ubuntu – on new hardward whilst i waited for FC9 to be released. Not terribly impressed. Nice package management, and most things that are installed seem pre-configured in a sensible way…

      … but you know, it just seemed more like a distro for windoze users / complete newbies rather than a distro for serious computing.

      Keep up the work on the site 🙂
      Pete, Preston, UK.

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