Skype chat in Pidgin


Today, sdog pointed me on a skype plugin for pidgin.

I’m very happy with it even if it crashes sometimes, I’ll have to check that…

But now I’ve all my jabber,google talks, msn 🙁 and skype contacts all on one IM !

[1] pidgin
[2] skype beta for linux
[3] skype plugin for pidgin

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3 thoughts on “Skype chat in Pidgin

  1. Nice, but I still think people should avoid Skype at all cost.
    Skype is evil. People shouldn’t rely on closed/proprietary protocols, especially not when there are well defined standards for VoIP communication available. Take SIP or IAX for example.
    FWD offers these services to everyone for free
    and it doesn’t matter what software or hardware you’re using.

    You can get a SIP ATA for less than 40 euros or a full fledged
    SIP DECT system for less than 100 euros. (These solutions include
    support for the analog telephone line as well).

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