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I’m looking for a nice sip solution to use for home and business purpose.

Currently I’m testing :

– skype
– wengophone
– gizmo
– ekiga

The goal is to be able to discuss in real time. The webcam support and multiplatform is an advantage.

So here is the results of my first tests :

skype :

good points : multiplatform, very used, video support (not on Linux), not more beta on GNU/Linux, available from repo
bad points : no video support on Linux, proprietary

wengophone :

good points : wengo phone is free and should support webcam on every platform (I need to test it)
bad points : calls from SIP users are announced as anonymous, not distributed in packages but into an archive, audio problems on some laptops

gizmo :

good points : very complete phone solution with free calls on fixed lines, multiplatform, allow other PBX connections
bad points : no video support, free but not opensource even if it uses only open format

ekiga :

good points : opensource, default on GNU/Linux, numbers of codecs, discovery mode of sip clients in the neighborhood network, support of webcams
bad points : no release for mac OSX, many crashes

In conclusion, I want to test a bit more all of them especially with the video support and I will blog on my incoming tests.

(1) skype :
(2) wengophone :
(3) gizmo :
(4) ekiga :

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