To Digg or not to digg… ?


That is the question !

Since M$ replaces Google has advertisement exclusive provider for Digg, I wonder if I will keep “digging” some articles there…

But if I start like that, it means that I’m becoming an OpenSource extremist…. So ok, I give up my first idea and I still will “digg”… but of course no without having learned to my adds and banner blocker 🙂

I just hope that the really interesting articles about OpenSource won’t disappear.

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One thought on “To Digg or not to digg… ?

  1. I’ve read this morning on toolinux 1 that it seems that Dell is proposing Linux on laptops that you cannot buy anymore with Vista, those are on newer models. Only on one model people has the possibility to choose between both OS. Of course the Linux version is 27€ cheaper but on the Micro$oft version the transport (29€) is free… so you can have a Dell with Linux for 2€ cheaper than one giving you matter for the burning licenses party 😉

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