Google calendar support in Gnome 3 evolution ?


During my test and discovery phase of Fedora 15, I noticed that Evolution doesn’t support anymore google calendar… is it on purpose ? why ?

Or do I need to install some other package ?

I found this feature in Fedora 14 something very useful !

I hope this is something that will be fixed in the final release.

In Fedora 14 (evolution-2.32.2-1.fc14.x86_64) :

In Fedora 15 :

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17 thoughts on “Google calendar support in Gnome 3 evolution ?

    1. Hi,

      copy your old %gconfi.xml file to .gconf/apps/evolution/calendar/%gconf.xml

      On my side it solved the problem !


      1. unfortunately for me not… It was working right after an update to gnome-3 (i configured it in gnome-2), but some things were acting strange, so i removed the config files, to start fresh, and now i don’t have google calendar in the drop down list for a new calendar. 🙁
        restoring config didn’t help…

        1. I SOLVED it!
          at least i can see my calendar entries in evolution. didn’t test anything else.
          I was digging in gconf-editor, because of another problem, and I found the evolution entry in apps/evolution
          there is a key called “source” in addressbook and calendar also, and they differ. the calendar had no “google” source. I simply copied it from the addressbook part (double click on sources under addressbook, select the one with name=”Google”, press edit, copy it’s content) and added a new entry to the source key under calendar (same procedure, but press add when editing the key).
          At this point when switching to calendars in evolution, I had it there. I renamed it, and pressed ok, it asked for my password, AND THAT’S IT!

          I think I had luck 😀

          1. Congratulations Aron !

            I just tested your procedure and it works for me too !

            Thank you for having shared your tip !

          2. Yes, I totally agree. It was indeed, a useful tip. I followed the steps you have mentioned, and it really worked great. I really appreciate this information. – Marla Ahlgrimm

          3. Thanks Aron!!!
            I had the exact same problem on my Ubuntu 11.10 platform with GNOME 3 shell… I couldn’t sync my Google Calendar in Evolution anymore neither! Your solution worked like a charm! Thank you so much!!!

          4. Hi guys, I tried Aron’s method, the Google option appeared, but my Evolution failed to fetch contents from Google. Thus I examined that entry in calendar’s “sources” again, which looked like:

          5. oops, the first line of code was
            group uid=”1319324177.2816.15@l… source uid=”1319327106.4034.5@l…
            and the second was
            group uid=”1319327106.4034.5@l… source uid=”1319327106.4034.5@l…

  1. Hi,
    actually syncing with Google works in Gnome 3 under Fedora 15. However it requires sligtly different setup than previously.
    See here:
    This is the Google Help page showing how to setup CalDAV:

    The only issue I have found with this integration is that Date & time applet seems to do not understand the “Default calendar”setting and constantly shows the local calendar appointments only. I couldn’t force it to show me Google Calendar appointments at all. However under Evolution everything works and syncs.

    1. On a fresh install of Fedora 15, I don’t have the option Google Calendar, just On this computer and on the Web even if I have /usr/lib64/evolution/3.0/plugins/ on the system and used by evolution (lsof confirmed it) but on Fedora 15 installed via pre-upgrade (from Fedora 14) then I still have the Google Calendar option to add new or edit google calendars… ?

      Maybe a gconf/dbus hidden option ?

    2. There is also a way to make one way copy of all calendar events to the one default Gnome calendar. All the events from all calendars can be copied to one default calendar – so allowing everything what is coming up to be viewed together in the single place: gnome calendar applet (or date & time applet). Quite convenient.

      For those who do not use Evolution nor Thunderbird there is also this script:

      If I have 5 distinct calendars in Google Calendar, I would like to sync them properly to Evolution (this is possible using CalDAV protocol as I mentioned previously) but then I wish do display them in the applet all together. Something like a one concatenated calendar (not just single default calendar, but all appointments I have). And those 3rd party scripts and extensions are making this possible. I havent found a way to achieve this in Gnome or Evolution solely.

  2. I was able to repair the problem by renaming my .gconf/apps/evolution directory, logging out, and logging back in again. Had to set up everything from scratch, but wasn’t too big of a deal.

  3. Install


    This plug-in allows applications using OpenSync to synchronize to and from Mozilla Calendar / Sunbird.

  4. Was able to repair the problem by renaming my .gconf/apps/evolution directory, logging out, and logging back in again. Had to set up everything from scratch, but wasn’t too big of a deal.

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