High Availability Open-Xchange Server


Since I tested it 4 years ago, I like Open-Xchange (even if I’m not a java app fan). I like the layout and also all the feature it provides. The calendar is very complete.
For a customer where I set it up 4 years ago, I’ve migrated this service to a cluster running the last version.
The machines are fully installed via kickstart from a pxeboot (using cobbler)

This post describes the solution. The setup is based on CentOS and use the pair corosync / pacemaker as cluster.

The solution consists in two nodes where only one machine provides the service.

The components are :

– one ip balancing between the two nodes
– apache running on the “active/master” server (the server providing the service)
– open-xchange running on one node at the time
– funambol running on one node at the time
– openldap running on both machines in mirroring
– cyrus running on both machines as master/slave
– mysql running on both machines as master/master replication.

This is an overview of the crm:

Most of the needed steps are put in some puppet recipes to help the provisioning (you can find them on my github account)

With the cyrus-imapd delivered by default on redhat/centos, when the cyrus master starts without the slave running, cyrus won’t reply for a long time… the bug we are hitting here as been resolved in newer version. I use cyrus-imapd 2.4.6, package from Simon Matter. You can find the source of this package here

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