Which Microblogging client to use ?


I have tested 3 Twitter clients to use on my gnome desktop:

– Gwibber (gwibber-1.2.0-3.349bzr.fc12.noarch)
– Pino (pino-0.2.6-1.fc12.x86_64)
– Turpial (turpial-1.0-b1.fc12.noarch)

I’ve found Gwibber very nice, doing what I need but it’s very slow and sometimes freezes (becomes dark). It has also facebook support (nice to see the status updates of your friends).

Pino is my favorite one for the moment, it’s fast, doesn’t support facebook (yet?).
Something I don’t like is that you have to switch between the accounts (twitter and identi.ca) which is annoying.

Turpial is not was I really wanted, it doesn’t fit really in the desktop and it’s only in Spanish.

I hope that Pino will keep improving and stay fast as now.


Update !

I’ve just tested Gwibber 2 (gwibber- and it has very nice features: possibility to see all the messages or only by account, possibility also to see images (updated in facebook for example). I will for sure test it and discover it a bit longer, nice improvements !

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