Sysbench 1.0.20 for MySQL 8.0

As proven again very recently by my colleague and friend Dimitri K, with the TPCC “Mystery”, sysbench made by a former colleague and friend Alexey K, is really the recommended framework to benchmark your system.

I use sysbench of course to benchmark MySQL but also my OS and hardware capabilities.

For those willing to benchmark MySQL 8.0 with sysbench using all supported authentication methods including of course the much more secure default one, caching_sha2_password, you need to compile sysbench using the MySQL libs.

And finally for those using a rpm base OS like me, you can download these rpm files with the latest sysbench, 1.0.20, compiled with the MySQL 8.0 libraries for Fedora 32, OL7, RHEL7, CentOS7, OL8, RHEL8, CentOS8:

Enjoy “benchmarking” MySQL 8.0 !

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