MySQL Books: The MySQL Workshop

This is the first article of a new blog series related to MySQL books.

Let’s start with MySQL Workshop, a practical guide to working with data and managing databases with MySQL written by Thomas Pettit and Scott Cosentino.

The editor sent me a copy and asked me what I was thinking about the book.

This is the review I sent:

This book is really appropriate for those who want to start with MySQL. It covers all aspects necessary for developers to start their journey with MySQL.

The book also covers topics that are not covered in other books such as integration with MS Access and VBA, which in my opinion makes this book unique!

I also really enjoyed the well explained chapter about how to use MySQL and Node.JS.

And finally, there is a chapter about the X Dev API that allows you to use MySQL without a single line of SQL, which makes developers happy… All this information in the same book!

So if you are looking for a book to start with MySQL with plenty of examples, this book is made for you !

Good reading and… enjoy MySQL !

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  1. As a MySQL expert, this book has assisted me in recalling the majority of my knowledge on managing and operating MySQL databases. Both professionals and beginners will find it to be quite beneficial. highly regarded

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