MySQL 8.0.32: thank you for the contributions

The latest MySQL release has been published on January 17th, 2023. MySQL 8.0.32 contains some new features and bug fixes. As usual, it also contains contributions from our great MySQL Community.

I would like to thank all contributors on behalf of the entire Oracle MySQL team !

MySQL 8.0.32 contains patches from Facebook/Meta, Alexander Reinert, Luke Weber, Vilnis Termanis, Naoki Someya, Maxim Masiutin, Casa Zhang from Tencent, Jared Lundell, Zhe Huang, Rahul Malik from Percona, Andrey Turbanov, Dimitry Kudryavtsev, Marcelo Altmann from Percona, Sander van de Graaf, Kamil Holubicki from Percona, Laurynas Biveinis, Seongman Yang, Yamasaki Tadashi, Octavio Valle, Zhao Rong, Henning Pöttker, Gabrielle Gervasi and Nico Pay.

Here is the list of the above contributions and related bugs, we can see that for this release, our connectors got several contributions, always a good sign of their increasing popularity.

We can also notice the return of a major contributor: Laurynas Biveinis!


Connector / NET

  • #74392 – Support to use (Memory-)Stream for bulk loading data – Alexander Reinert
  • #108837 – Fix unloading issues – Gabriele Gervasi

Connector / Python

  • #81572 – Allow MySQLCursorPrepared.execute() to accept %(key_name)s in operations and dic – Luke Weber
  • #81573 – Add MySQLCursorPreparedDict option – Luke Weber
  • #82366 – Waning behaviour improvements – Vilnis Termanis
  • #89345 – Reduce callproc roundtrip time – Vilnis Termanis
  • #90862 – C extension – Fix multiple reference leaks – Vilnis Termanis
  • #96280 – prepared cursor failed to fetch/decode result of varbinary columns – Naoki Someya
  • #103488 – Stubs (.pyi) for type definition for connection and cursor objects – Maxim Masiutin
  • #108076 – If extra init_command options are given for the Django connector, load them – Sander van de Graaf
  • #108733 – python connector will return a date object when time is 00:00:00 – Zhao Rong

Connector / J

  • #104954 – MysqlDataSource fails to URL encode database name when constructing JDBC URL – Jared Lundell
  • #106252 – Connector/J client hangs after prepare & execute process with old version server – Zhe Huang
  • #106981 – Remove superfluous use of boxing – Andrey Turbanov
  • #108414 – Malformed packet generation for COM_STMT_EXECUTESeongman Yang
  • #108419 – Recognize “ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE” in “INSERT SET” Statement – Yamasaki Tadashi
  • #108814 – Fix name of relocation POM file – Henning Pöttker

Connector / C++

  • #108652 – Moving a local object in a return statement prevents copy elision – Octavio Valle

Clients & API

  • C API (client library) Fix sha256_password_auth_client_nonblocking – Facebook
  • #105761 – mysqldump make a non-consistent backup with –single-transaction option – Marcelo Altmann
  • #108861 – Fix typo in dba.upgradeMetadata() error message (Shell AdminAPI) – Nico Pay


  • Fix race between binlog sender heartbeat timeout – Facebook

InnoDB and Clone

  • #106616 (private) – 8.0 upgrade (from 5.6) crashes with Assertion failure – Rahul Malik
  • #107854 (private) – Assertion failure: dict0mem.h – Marcelo Altmann
  • #108111 – Garbled UTF characters in SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS – Kamil Holubicki
  • #108317 – clone_os_copy_file_to_buf partial read handling completely broken – Laurynas Biveinis


  • #104934 (private) – Statement crash – Casa Zhang
  • #107633 – Fixing a type-o, should be “truncate” – Dimitry Kudryavtsev

If you have patches and you also want to be part of the MySQL Contributors, it’s easy, you can send Pull Requests from MySQL’s GitHub repositories or send your patches on Bugs MySQL (signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is required).

Thank you again to all our contributors !

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  1. MySqL 8.0.32. bug: Export view as SQL statement into csv adds an extra “)” at the end causing error.
    It was Ok in 8.0.31.

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