MySQL 8.0.16: how to validate JSON values in NoSQL with check constraint

As you may have noticed, MySQL 8.0.16 has been released today !

One of the major long expected feature is the support of CHECK contraints .

My colleague, Dave Stokes, already posted an article explaining how this works.

In this post, I wanted to show how we could take advantage of this new feature to validate JSON values.

Let’s take the following example:

So we have a collection of documents representing rates from a user on some episodes. Now, I expect that the value for the rating should be between 0 and 20.

Currently I could enter whatever value, even characters…

To avoid characters, I can already create a virtual column as integer:

So now, only integer value for rating should be allowed:

Perfect, but can I enter any integer value ?

In fact yes of course ! And that’s where the new CHECK Constraints enter in action !

We need first to modify the current document having a value for the ratingattribute that won’t be valid for the new constraints.

And now we can test again:

Woohooo! Nice feature that also benefits to the MySQL Document Store !

For the curious that want to see how the table looks like in SQL definition:

Enjoy NoSQL with MySQL 8.0 Document Store #MySQL8isGreat.

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