Deploying WordPress on OCI with MySQL Database Service: the easy way !

During the MDS webinar on how to deploy WordPress on OCI using MDS (slides & video), I briefly explained how to deploy the full architecture on OCI using Resource Manager and Stacks.

The Stack for that architecture is now available on my github:

To deploy it, it’s very easy. In OCI’s Dashboard, go on “Resource Manager” and then choose “Stacks“:

Create a new stack and just drop the :

On the next screen, just fill the required empty variables.

Then you only need to apply your stack:

After +/- 10 minutes everything is deployed and you can finish WordPress installation using the information returned in the logs of the stack job:

To join WordPress installation wizard, just point your browser to the value of wordpress_public_ip.

And that’s it ! You have now a running WordPress deployed on OCI using MySQL Database Service as MySQL Backend !

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  1. No problem man . I’ll see if my company has some OCI credits to try it and let you know. Thanks for sharing

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