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Drupal updated !

I was very late to update my own site ! Yesterday I was still running drupal 5.3 !! (shame on me). Now the site is updated and runs the latest version of drupal 6.x I'm very happy with this upgrade and I took the opportunity to change the theme; this time I use a nice (to my opinion) theme provided by drupal : fervens

DrupalCampParis2: 19 april 2008

DrupalCampParis 2 is an opportunity to promote Drupal in the "Francophonie" and then in the South of our little country as Joeri says in his post. Pour ceux qui veulent accroître leurs connaissances en Drupal, ils pourrons assister à DrupalCampParis 2 où les sessions seront en français et en anglais. Peut-être que cette conférence éveillera des vocations de contributeur à en français ?

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