I bought the Gnu Linux Magazine / France on Mail server but it was a big disillusion 🙁

Usually those magazines are very nice and full of good tips and tricks. But not this time, I was expecting to find a lot of tools to fight spams… but the only topic related is MailScanner (which is a very good product that I use daily). The only MTA reviewed is exim, nothing about postfix, sendmail, qmail… for a special number it’s a bit too few. The first 19 pages (of 70) are only related of theory rfc’s and mime, maybe too much…

Something I regret too is that at the end of the magazine there are articles about Xen, Zone0 and Jabber, I think the following topics would be nicer :

– greylisting
– sare
– mailwatch (very nice frontend for mailscanner)
– ocr for spams

So nothing really new in that magazine, my notation is 3/10

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