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For sure you will think that I’m a bit crazy, but as I’ll become father in some months (in April) I was already (a bit soon for sure) thinking about the difficulties to protect children on the Internet. Of course for web content, I’m able to setup a transparent proxy-cache (Squid) with squidgard etc… But for IM ? Do I have an alternative ?

So I searched a bit on freshmeat and I found a project that answers to all my expectations : IMspector !

The project has really nice features like :
– logs
– replacement of some words
– acl’s

And support several backends to log :
– text files
– mysql
– sqlite
– posgresql

I’ve build RPMs for Fedora 8 and Centos 4.5 :

Fedora 8 rpm
Centos 4.5 rpm

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