LinuxConf Europe 2007 in Cambridge


This a bit a late entry but I was so busy with holidays, new job and the announce of a future new GNU/Linux user (for april, see his/her blog).

So I was in Cambridge for the LinuxConf Europe 2007 from 1st to 5th September.

The conferences were very nice, the level of the technical talks was high and I appreciated it 🙂

I’ll not discuss here about all the nice technical stuff, you can find more info on sdog’s blog, but I’d mention the very nice reception we had from Cambridge residents, who still chose that bar ?

The beginning of the evening was quiet nice :

but then… look what happened on sdog’s chair :

info: it’s sdog’s chair not sdog’s a… 😉

But it seems it’s usual in Cambridge, look how those girls go for a drink, Matt was also intrigued :

And this is a picture with Gildas before we enter into a very too spicy Tha

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