Clamav rocks


Being a defender of clamav since the beginning, I am very glad to see that this free antivirus defies most commercial antivirus and beat the majority of them !

According to this study, one can thus see that clamav detected the more viruses than many others: the study’s result

I always advice Windows users to use the windows version of that engine on their very vulnerable “operating system” : clamwin

I use clamav in the majority of mailrelays and fileservers I install.

Thus go! the clamav team continue like that!

This news was also reported on DLFP.

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3 thoughts on “Clamav rocks

  1. Serge, it’s possible to do on-access checks on Windows using a firefox extension like "ClamWin Antivirus Glue" (currently in sandbox) and you can also use Winpooch to detect viruses before they run on your machine (…

  2. The firefox extension only manages downlaods via firefox, a workaround you need to do for all program wich make external accesses, like SMB being a major path for viruses.

    The Winpooch solution looks more like the way to go. Bookmarked that one, thanks.

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