Waouw…. notre peuple vaincra !


our people will overcome

Tonight, after the course, I went (a know it’s bad… but) to the Mc Donald, the Drive-In.

The girl behind the window (not the pseudo OS) told me : “What a nice Linux !” 😉

Of course she was talking about the Tux on my car… I told her : “wow, not many people knows Linux.” and she answered me “Everybody using a computer knows what Linux is !”… I tryed to wake up… but I was not sleeping…

The World is changing… Debian 3.1 (sarge) is released… even girls working at Mc Do know Linux… we are on the good way… keep it on like that geeks ! 😀

2 thoughts on “Waouw…. notre peuple vaincra !

  1. Not to forget the girls just love dear little Tux 😉

    Now it seems as I’ll have to find other ways to identify my car…


  2. and I forgot this: last tuesday, as I was in the traffic jam on the east ring (R0 near Waterloo), the driver of the car just at my side was doing many signs, smiling and he opened his window.

    I told him "hello…" and he answered me : "he, you hav a nice Tux on your car !!"

    The world is changing guys… 😉

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